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Ofaakor District Court presided by his lordship Samuel Kwesi Adjei has remanded the two teenagers who killed a 10 year old boy Ishmael Mensah at Lamtey near Kasoa  for rituals .

Prosecutor Chief inspector Ernest Abgo  pleaded to the court to give them ample   time to investigate the ages of the boys since there is a controversy in their ages.

During the court process the Judge urged one of the lawyers in court to stands in for the children’s and file bill application for them.

Lawyer Samuel Attuah, who stands in for the children’s behalf says, the  Judge Samuel Akwesi Adjei, denies the bill application he filed for them.

According to him, the judge told him that,  the Judge doesn’t have the mandate to grant the children bill since the case is above the court.

Lawyer Attuah revealed,”he is dedicating himself for the children and proceed to High court and filed bill for the two teenagers”.





C/R: Armed Robbers Attacked Filling Station Attendants,Two Shot



Two person are in critical condition after armed robbers attacked them at Gomoa Ojobi in the Gomoa East District of the Central Region.

The robbers attacked two filling station attendants who works at Siigo Filling Station between, Gomoa Ojobi and Gomoa Anapansu all in the Gomoa East District.

The victims were, Micheal Entsie a 21 year old man and Siita Jibril also 30 year.

Speaking to the victims said the incidents happened 12:30 am Thursday midnight.

According to the victims,they were in their room,where the robbers came knocking their door,and According to the victicms they thought is one of their Bosses only to found out two men with guns asking them for money.

And according to the victicms,they started giving warning shot which some of the bullet hit them and they were injured.

According to them,they took away an undisclosed amount,their moble phones and tied them with robe and lay them on the floor.

They also added to it that,the robbers were masked and they asked for the key of the where they keep their money but tell them there were no key.

According to them,Police Patrol Team proceeded to the scene and the robbers runs away.

They later rushed them to Hope Christian Hospital at Gomoa Fetteh Hope of Christian Hospital where they are receiving treatment with the help of Gomoa Ojobi Police Patrol Team.

The armed robbers upon getting information about the police run away.

The police are doing Investigation on the matter.



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C/R:Woman 27, Arrested For Inflecting Cutlass Wound On Husband’s Neck



A 27 year old woman Mary Quaye a.k.a Obaa Yaa is in the Agona Duakwa Custody in the Agona West District of the Central Region for inflicting Cutlass wound on her husband’s neck multiple deep cut on his left jaw,neck shoulders at Agona Duakwa in the Agona West District of the Central Region.

Reports gathered by Oheneba Nyamedo Kwame Addex indicates that,her there was a misunderstanding among the two couples, and his husband Abraham Acquah a 30 year old man hit her wife Obaa Yaa with a piece of wood and in reacting by the wife also inflects Cutlass wound on her husband’s neck with multiple deep cut on his left jaw,neck and shoulder.

The victim was went to Agona Duakwa Government Hospital for treatment after Police issued police medical report to the victim.

According to police,the complaint Obaa Yaa was arrested after reporting the case to police and detained and assisting police with investigations.

The incidents happened Monday,26th April, around 4:30 PM in the evening.

What actually made them wounded themselves is yet to be investigate according to the police.

Meanwhile, report gathered indicates that they were fighting over house keeping money,and according to the some eyewitness said,they heard them exchanging words harshly on each other and According to the eyewitness in an interview with Oheneba Nyamedo Kwame  Addex saying the woman was demanding house keeping money (money) whereas the husband is also saying unless he goes to work and come back and this leads to misunderstanding among them.

But according to the residents, before the incidents happened,they stayed peacefully without hearting one another,so they don’t actually know whether they were actually fighting over house keeping money or not.

Meanwhile,police in the Central Region have started investigating the matter.



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