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Acting does not pay my bills – Kisa Gbekle



Actress Kisa Gbekle has explained why she has not been acting lately, saying it is because acting does not pay her bills.

According to her, it only brought her fame and “fame does not pay bills.”

Sharing her opinion on various issues, including coronavirus (COVID-19), in an interview with NEWS-ONE over the weekend, Kisa disclosed that she has also stopped producing movies.

Below is the entire interview with Kisa Gbekle, who spoke to Francis Addo about coronavirus, her show Business of Entertainment, relationship with Shatta Wale and acting.

How are you dealing with the coronavirus issues?

Hmmm… I am just taking precautions and staying home as we are advised.

Have you heard any worse experience so far?

No, I have not.

What do you make of the President’s call that we should pray and fast for God’s intervention?

I feel it’s not bad. It’s good to pray to the Almighty, but as we are praying, the health workers should be doing theirs too.

Do you think we are getting out of this pandemic situation soon?

We will get out of this; I’m sure since different countries are involved. They have better scientists more than we have, so they will definitely come up with something that will help us.

People are losing money and deals due to this pandemic. Have you experienced any situation like that?

Yes, I have. A lot of the celebrities who have achieved something in the industry are all turning my show Business of Entertainment down now because of the pandemic. So my show is also on hold at the moment.

Aside from that, how is the show doing?

Hmmm…It is not so bad but for now. We are not shooting. We are just uploading the ones we shot onto my YouTube at ‘Kisa Gbekle’ for people in the world to watch.

What happened? Is it no longer on TV?

Yes; and it is because we are working on the season 2. And unfortunately, this coronavirus has just halted everything in the country

But it will be back on TV?

Yes, pretty soon when the health issues becomes stable.

Which of the episodes so far is your most favourite? And why?

I can’t say I love all of them but most of them made a lot of sense because all of them are conveying almost the same message of advising and teaching the audience how to make it in the industry or life and how to stay relevant.

How is it like getting celebrities on the show?

It is very difficult, my brother. Maybe it is because I’m not just putting anyone on my show. I’m only putting people who are worth it. Not Instagram or social media stars. You must have something you have achieved and can impact the viewers. So with these set of people I want on my show, it is very difficult to get personalities. Everyone is busy, so you have to work with their time. This is the only difficulty I have at the moment.

Some have alleged that Kisa Gbekle has run away from acting and producing. What do you say to that?

Yes, I have because fame doesn’t pay the bill. It only brings guys to lie to you and have sex with you and run away. So why not run after money instead of the fame. Money can also give you fame, I believe. I have produced and never made my money back. My own people I trusted to sell my films spent my moneys, two times. So I have decided to stop producing as well. Until I have the links to sell my own films. So nobody takes advantage of me.

Is Kisa still on the singles’ market?

I’m very single and dating.

What happened to you and Shatta Wale? There have been rumours of you seeing him.

Oh Shatta and I are just friends; nothing else.

He now makes the headlines with either Nikki Samonas or Efia Odo. Some people think you are jealous of it?

Oh, no! I’m not jealous at all. Because there was nothing like a relationship, so why be jealous?


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Suzzy Williams faked her Death To Become Nana Ama McBrown – Evangelist Emmanuel Addai Alleges(PHOTOS)



Outspoken US-based Ghanaian social media evangelist, Addai Emmanuel has released yet another bomb, this time saying late Ghanaian actress Suzzy Williams faked her own death.

In a Facebook live session, Evangelist Addai revealed that all signs and facts he has gathered points that the talented actress who died in a car accident in 2002 is still alive today in the person of actress and TV host Nana Ama McBrown.

Justifying his assertion, he said if Suzzy were to be alive, she would be turning 43 in 2022, also Nana Ama McBrown would turn 43 in 2022.

He also juxtaposed their looks and skin complexion among others to come to that conclusion.

Here is the Photo he used;

Evangelist Addai is known to make vague and outrageous statements and has sparked numerous conspiracy theories in recent times.

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Entertainment news

Wendy Shay Addresses Relationship With Shatta Wale



As the chemistry between Ghanaian musician Wendy Shay and dancehall king Shatta Wale intensifies, their fans and followers are eager to know what is going on between the two after the exit of Shatta Michy. 

Wendy Shay who took their collaboration as a platform to get closer to the dancehall king uses the least opportunity to shower praises on Shatta for giving her the opportunity to work with him.

She has however defined the relationship between them when she referred to Shatta as her godfather. “Sharing a stage with him is a blessing and am very grateful to Shatta Wale for making me his god daughter,” she said in the interview. According to Wendy Shay, any moment she spends with Shatta Wale is amazing especially when she shares the same stage with him.

“When I perform with Shatta Wale it’s amazing. Just as I have said, I was a fun so it an honour sharing the same stage with him. ShayGang and SM are one family,” Wendy Shay said.

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Entertainment news

Ghost Writer of Sista Afia’s Diss Songs Finally Found



Modernnewsgh has finally found the ghost writer who writes for Sista Afia.

According to a vivid interview monitered by modernnewsgh.com on ‘Showbiz Agenda’ hosted by Sammy Flex, Takoradi based rapper in Ayesem is Sista Afia’s ghost rapper who recently wrote two hot diss tracks, one for Eno Barony and the other for Freda Rhymz respectively.

Recall that the media recently witnessed a female version of rap beef which many were surprised that Sista Afia who is a songstress could stand and battle hard core rappers like Eno Barony and even Freda Rhymz of Black Music Avenue.

Right from the onset, Eno Barony threw punches and at Sista Afia and Medikal alleging that since Sista Afia’s rap is inline with Medikal’s own then the Sowutuom based rapper is behind.

Eno in her lines dropped;

“Mede asem nam, menkasa yenso woyem ashew sei pram, “3ne3 sowu tuom 3, na wo Sowutuom ghost writer na mehia no ne no akye ayam enti monma no filla no” (I’ve not spoken yet but you’re frightened, then fasten your belt because your ghost writer is who I want to battle) referring to Medikal as her ghost writer.

Well, in an interview, Ayesem disclosed that he mostly writes for Sista Afia and even has a couple of songs with her which is yet to be released.

According to Ayesem, the “Jeje” hitmaker will bear him witness that he writes for her, using the all the beef songs to cite an example in his allegation.

“Oh this is not something I enjoy talking about because my dealings with Sista Afia is more private but I am happy to be writing for her any day. I wrote “Paper” for Sista Afia, the one she featured Victor AD, “Corner Corner” featuring Kelvyn Boy among other songs”. Ayesem revealed.

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