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Secret behind Kofi B’s delayed burial revealed



Very Rev Dr Peter Ofori, the General Overseer of Calvary Worship Center, has finally reacted to the long awaited burial of highlife legend Kofi B and its very shocking.

The man of God who is much endowed in the knowledge of the things of the spirit revealed how it is important for every human being to be buried in the range of 40 days when he or she dies.

Speaking in an interview with Dave Hammer on Dave Hammer TV, the man of God revealed that if anybody says there is no ghost in this world then that person is deceiving him or herself. He added that ghost exist and that is why when our ancestors are pouring libation they call upon them.

He continued by saying that there are a company of ghosts that lives in a different world who are not yet gone to either paradise or hell. They are waiting for the day they will be buried so that they will be transferred to their final destination.

If somebody dies, he wanders on the land for soo many days before he or she will be transferred to his/her final destination. For you to have a dream and see your dead relatives is a clear indication that ghost exists.

When he was asked by Dave Hammer where the soul of Kofi B is since he is still in the mortuary and has not been buried according to the bible he answered by saying he is still walking around.

He continued by saying that once Kofi B is not buried, his soul is tied as a result of the delay in his burial. His body needs to be buried before he will be transferred to his final destination.

As it stands now, once he is still in the mortuary it means that his soul is still not freed from the body even though he is dead and for that matter, he won’t be happy.

“No wonder a Muslim friend of her had a dream about him complaining that he should be buried since he has been in the mortuary for too long and for that matter he doesn’t have peace”.

He finally concluded that the things of the spirit are real and for that nobody should joke about it.

He finally concluded that the things of the spirit are real and for that nobody should joke about it.


Entertainment news

My hair costs GHC15,000 – Nana Boroo reveals(WATCH)




Ghanaian hiplife and highlife singer Nana Boroo is campaigning for the reduction of import taxes on human hair so that women can afford.

According to the “Aha Yede” hitmaker, a lot of Ghanaian women are in love with human hair, but, the cost involved doesn’t allow them to rock it.

He made this statement during an interview on Accra-based Okay FM.

He said his new hairstyle – which is a braid made with human hair – has attracted a lot of love from women and he believes if the government of Ghana reduce taxes on it, women will be happy.

Nana Boroo said he started this campaign to inform the government on the need to review taxes on human hair – not artificial hair – to enable the average Ghanaian woman to buy.

“Do you know how many women who are falling in love with me just because of my hair?” he told Abeiku Santana. “It is the reason why I’m campaigning for them.”

He revealed that his hair alone costs USD 2,500 (approximately 15,000 cedis).

“Abeiku, the hair I’m wearing costs almost 2,500 US dollars. How many women can afford to purchase it?” he quizzed.

He pressed the government to review taxes on human hair so that everyone can afford.

“So, import taxes on human hair should be reduced to make it affordable for women. I’m not talking about the artificial hair – I’m talking about original, expensive human hair.”

“There are a lot of women in my DM, asking where they can get the type of hair I’m wearing,” he concluded.

Watch Nana Boroo fight for Ghanaian women below.

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Jupitar Is Very Talented But He Is Lazy – Epixode



Ghanaian dancehall/reggae artiste, Epixode has once again described his colleague, Jupitar as a lazy artiste.

The ‘No Wahala’ composer reiterated what he has observed about Jupitar during an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM.

He admitted that Jupitar is very talented but his laziness has accounted to his struggle in the music scene.

“Jupitar is very talented but his laziness has made him redundant in the industry,” he said.

Comment on what his hard work has done for him, Epixode revealed he has gained a lot of attention, nominations and awards both in Ghana and outside the shores of the country.

He advised Jupitar not to fight him because he is teaching him the way.

Epixode was not happy about his ‘sour relationship’ with Jupitar—and claimed the latter refused to take his advice while disrespecting him.


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SHOCKING: What happened when D Black met Dr UN- WATCH VIDEO




Ghanaian rapper, D Black and self-acclaimed ‘Dr’ Kwame Owusu Fordjour, alias Dr UN, have been spotted chilling in a coded location.

After he successfully tricked some public figures in the country—which included D Black, Dr Fordjour pulled up on the former during an interview session.

D Black vowed to deal with him should their paths cross after he was trolled for receiving a ‘water bottle’ as an award plague.

However, in what seemed a deliberate attempt by media personality Abeiku Santana to let sleeping dogs lie, the two were welcomed in the same space.

D Black, in a video of the session he posted on Twitter, noted that Dr UN pulled up on him during the interview and he had to get along despite a stern look on his face.

Dr UN on the other hand, who was over the moon, hailed the rapper and jammed to a song in the background.

Many, upon sighting the video, bemoaned why D Black did not act as he promised while others commended him for showing maturity.

Watch the video below:


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