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Prophet Nigel Gaisie Predicts His Own Death



Popular Ghanaian Prophet, Nigel Gaisie has predicted his own death following Prophet T.B Joshua’s death.

Nigel Gaisie has revealed that God will kill him very soon.

According to him, he’s lately consumed and often cry during a time of worship in the church because God has revealed to him when he will take him away.

Nigel Gaisie revealed that African Prophets often do not live long because society does not treat them well and they’re usually tagged as fake.

He made mention of the the late Nigerian Prophet Bishop Benson Idahosa who died at age 57 and T.B Joshua.

According to him, foreign Prophet including Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke and others died in their old age because of the love and comfort people show them.

He said“… if not for the advice some of you give, I would have left Ghana. We come as a gift to our generation and you use your evil mouth to stop us. That is why I cry in the church. I know why I’m crying because I know when God will take me away and it will not be long. I will go; I’m telling you. No, I know what God has told me. That is why, when I am prophesying, I’m under worship; I cry because God has told me. He said he will take me away very soon because of how you, people, are handling us”.




Papa Attitude Fumes About The Character of Young Presenters



The host of Gh Box on Green 88.5 fm, Papa Attitude has expressed his anger against young media personnels through words.

Making known his resentment on facebook, the presenter stated that, they(some senior presenters) still fetch water for their bosses.

With all the fire burning through him, 29th edition of Gh Box is going to be a shut down edition, you can’t afford to miss.

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