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Any Man Who Licks A Woman Is A BIG Fool’- Nigeria Man Goes Beserk



A Nigerian has taken an online platform to rain insults at men who gives their partners pleasure during sex by licking them.

In his opinion, a place designed for urine and menstruation is not conducive for such acts and finds it highly repulsive that some men go to that extent.

The guy who uses the name rotten-corpse on social media wrote:

The kind of stares I get these days from ladies is pissing me off. Both married women stare at me stupidly and I’m going to embarrass one very soon. They think they run the world just because they have that nonsense at their backs which is filled with poo. Any guy that sucks and licks a woman’s ass or vagina is a big fool.

How can you lick a place where poo comes out from? Are you okay? I just hate the way they are. After defecating, they will carry that nonsense and be feeling like they are at the top. The other day, I saw my cousin’s bloody pants and what annoyed me was that she just cooked my food. The way they carry themselves pisses me off (both the elderly ones). PIGS!!!


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Nana Addo Reveals Why He Still Looks “Sexy” At Age 76



President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo who is very optimistic of retaining power after 7th December’s polls has finally disclosed the secret behind his young looks even at aged 76.

As avowed by the incumbent president, the last time he took in alcohol was 26 years ago.

He also revealed that, he eats more of our local dishes than those of the continental/foreign foods.

I’m a firm believer in the Kontomire even the corned beef stews and those things I eat them.

Last but not the least, Nana Addo also gave gratitude to the Almighty for keeping him strong and smart albeit his old age.

The Grace of the Almighty. Pray our father which art in heaven. I live a relatively straightforward life, simple, my pleasures are very simple, good food, tasty food.


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Nana Sarpong launches “donate blood save life foundation”



Ghanaian businessman Mr. Sarpong and his team is calling on the general public to support him raise blood fund for accident and sick victims in Ghana

According to Nana Sarpong, he had this idea to form a foundation to donate blood to those in critical conditions inthe hospital after he visited VRA hospital in Akosombo

The Ceo of Jireh Consult who is known for helping in blood donations once helped “High Praise crew to organize blood donation for atua government hospital on two different occasions and also helped SDA church in Akosombo to donated blood to both VRA govt hospital and Holy family hospital in nkwakwa has since started arranging for the first blood donation exercise by connecting with top Ghanaian Doctors and health practitioners.

Sharing his idea, he revealed “When accident occurs and there is no blood at the blood bank people dies and woman going to give birth also needs blood so we want to donate so that there will always be a standby to save lives to help touch lives positively with a hashtag, #DonateBloodSavelife


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‘I’m currently suffering from a heart disease after taking sex enhancing pills to satisfy my wife’ – Man



The negative effect of sex enhancing pills cannot be written off as long as health related matters is concerned.

A man has narrated how he is suffering from a heart disease after taking sexual enhancing pills for long just to satisfy his wife.

Read his full post to relationship expert, Joro below:

“I am currently suffering from Cardiomyopathy. A heart condition because I was taking sexual enhancing drugs to satisfy to my wife. I thank God am alive.

Joro What is painful part there is I believe my wife is cheating. If I climb up a fleet of stairs my heart will races. Doctors say the drug wore my heart out.

Please don’t take sexual enhancing drugs for any woman.

After all I did I think my wife is cheating. Decided to share after reading a comment from a lady 20minutes sex is not enough and the ideal is 1 hour per round.

If you check the research male porn stars who take these pills don’t live past 60 years.

I damaged my heart for my wife. I believe she is cheating. I greatly believe so I guess I lost,” – The man wrote.

Don’t be shy to find natural remedy for your sexual weakness but say no to the enhancing pills.

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