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All Updates On Coronavirus Outbreak In China



The rate at which coronavirus is increasing in China is becoming more and more paramount. More than 7,800 people including, 7,100 in China have been confirmed to be infected whilst the death toll has also risen to 170 people. This virus has been announced to have spread from Wuhan’s Hubei province to every one of China’s 31 provinces.

The World Health Organization(WHO) on Wednesday said it needs every government around the world to stand up and fight over this particular virus to prevent it from spreading like just the SARS virus did years ago.

A meeting will be held today by WHO on whether to declare this a global health threat.

Updates from different countries are as follows;

Nearly 200 US citizens evacuated from Wuhan landed at a military base in California on Wednesday, where officials declared them free of symptoms.

Three people among more than 200 Japanese evacuated from Wuhan have tested positive for the coronavirus, Japan’s health minister said.

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) has said it would postpone all domestic games in 2020 because of the coronavirus.

Sweden’s IKEA said it has temporarily closed all its stores in China because of the coronavirus outbreak.

New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia have said they making efforts to evacuate their nationals from Wuhan.

Singapore will provide every one of the country’s 1.3 million households with four surgical masks to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the government said.

Malaysia’s Ministry of Health said it had confirmed an eighth case of the virus.

China’s aviation authority has approved chartered flights to bring home from overseas trips some residents of the central city of Wuhan, state television said.

China’s anti-corruption watchdog said it would severely punish officials who slacked off in fighting the coronavirus.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has urged his citizens not to give in to fear as the government prepared to evacuate nationals from Wuhan.

Australia’s conservative government has defended its decision to use a detention centre thousands of kilometres from the mainland to quarantine locals evacuated from Wuhan.

China’s agriculture ministry urged feed producers and slaughter houses to speed up the resumption of production, in a bid to increase supplies amid the outbreak.

El Al Israel Airlines has said it was suspending flights to Beijing until March 25.

The United Kingdom has delayed a planned evacuation of its citizens from Wuhan because it has not yet got the correct permissions from Chinese authorities for a flight to leave.

China is confident it can minimise the risks of the virus being transmitted on airplanes and that the small number of cases reported abroad show it is having success in controlling its spread, an official at the civil aviation authority said.

Philippine health officials have confirmed the first case of the new coronavirus in the country.

India has reported its first case of the coronavirus in the southern state of Kerala, the government said in a statement.

Asian stocks and currencies fell as the number of deaths from the coronavirus rose and more cases were reported around the world.

For more updates and information, stay tuned.



VIDEO: Actress Safina Haroun gives tips on keeping healthy breast



Ghanaian actress Safina Haroun has given tips to her female fans on how to get healthy breasts to avoid breast cancer.

Being in breast cancer awareness month, the actress shared a short video on her Instagram page educating her fans on how to avoid breast cancer.

In the video modernnewsgh.com sighted, the actress gives tips on how to get and maintain a healthy and strong breast.

According to Safina, Breast Cancer is killing a lot of women across the world and for that women need to be careful.

“In case of any changes in the size or shape of the breast, pain in any area of the breast, nipple discharge other than breast milk, a new lump in the breast or underarm see your doctor right away,” she said.

Touching on the preventions she advised: “You can lower the risk of getting breast cancer by keeping a healthy weight and exercise regularly. Don’t drink alcohol or limit the amount of alcohol you drink and massage your breast regularly.”

Watch the video below


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See What Some Ladies Go Through To Enlarge Their B00bs (+Video)



Everyone ain’t perfect because sometimes when you check yourself you notice you need some alteration on your body.

Some ladies see themselves as ‘high class’ because of the amount they spend on their body to look good and if your friendship and your conversation ain’t about money, they ignore you quickly.

A viral video shows how this lady with small b0.0bs enlarging it to become more attractive.

Her b0.0bs was inserted into a flask and then the air in the flask is pulled out for the b0.0bs to occupy the full flask.


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“You spiritually get married to anyone you have s3x with” – Counselor Charlotte Oduro



Established-professional marriage and relationship coach, Counselor Charlotte Oduro has opined that one gets spiritually bonded with anyone he or she has s3x with.

According to the well-known relationship expert, s3x goes beyond the pleasure it brings because it also initiates a spiritual relationship between people.

Going further into her theory, she also added that, the fluids which are exchanged during sexual intercourse serves as the sealer for the spiritual marriage.

Counselor Oduro also asserted that, lately, marriages don’t last long because young men and the ladies of this generation sleep with a lot of partners before finally settling down.

During her submissions on Okay FM just this afternoon, she also advised that marriage should not be based on s3x though it is good, genuine love should be what the couples should consider and seek for.

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