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Unique Ways To Help Your Woman Achieve Mind-Blowing Orgasm



Explosive orgasm is never a yardstick for enjoyable and satisfying love making.

However, it is believed to be a defining factor in super-satisfying sex for ladies.

This is according to a 2016 study conducted on the female orgasm published in Socio Affective Neuroscience and Psychology.

Whereas, on the other hand, when intercourse is constantly void of orgasm, this can create a state of being weary and thought of never revisiting it.

All over the world ladies and guys who have experienced orgasm will get you informed that the sensation is not like any other feeling known to man; which means that God alone created orgasm.

God is not stingy in this regard as he designed sexual pleasure for man and his wife.

It can be quite disturbing for couples if the woman is always struggling to climax during copulation.

This could be triggered by self-esteem, anxiety, exhaustion and stress, to mention but a few. Below are some of the lifestyle factors that can impact orgasmic fun for women.

Foreplay –This can never be over-emphasized and quickies can happen if you are both aroused, and your genitals primed for action. If not, foreplay helps the genitals; without adequate foreplay, sex can be painful or boring. Foreplay can include anything from saucy texts, hand jobs to oral, spanking and anything else that feels playful, sensual or sexual.

Have a talk –The truth is, no two women are exactly the same when it comes to how they want to be touched. “Every single body is different and wants different things. Intimacy is built on learning your partner’s turn-on and their preferred methods of stimulation.” What works for one person may be uncomfortable for another. Clear communication about what feels good, and what does not, is essential to pleasurable sex that leads to orgasm. When asking your lover about her sexual desires and needs, be sure to really listen to the answers so you can create the ultimate experience for her.

Stimulate her mind –“Female orgasms are closely tied to mental and relational factors,” says Jenni Skyler, certified sex therapist, sexologist, and licensed marriage and family therapist for Adam & Eve. This means, many women often need to be in the right mindset with a person who makes her feel comfortable, to be able to surrender herself to an orgasm. Let the arousal mood build up, and avoid rushing into penetration no matter how honey you may be. “Time to orgasm is directly connected to the mindset and the arousal buildup.”

Stir up other erogenous spots –Majority of women can orgasm through erogenous zone stimulation only. Spending ten to twenty minutes on non genital body parts, will help to excite her as she has a better chance at attaining optimum pleasure. You can try kissing, teasing and caressing her neck, ears, breasts, nipples and inner thighs before going for direct genital touch. Every woman has different preferences. So, always be sure to ask her what she likes.

Concentrate on clitoral stimulation – It’s key to making a girl achieve orgasm. Go for the right positions such as, woman on top- the best sex style to maximize clitoral stimulation especially if she touches herself while riding you. However, man penetrating while lying down with her legs in the air, can promote a strong cervical orgasm.

Play with sex toys –This can be referred to as the “hearing aid for the clitoris” because vibrators can help speed the Act as it provides more intense orgasms that manual or oral stimulation may not offer. Also, experiment with different kinds of pleasure products and sensations before, during, or after vaginal sex to stimulate the clitoris, and inspire maximum pleasure and even multiple orgasms

Make use of enough lubricant – She may get wet naturally when turned on but, to play safe, it is usually a good idea to use a high-quality intimate lubricant product as well; especially when it is penetrative sex. If her natural lubricant wears off, which is normal, lube will help avoid tears and reduce friction.

Orgasm does not have to be the end product of making love. Though great, it is equally important you care about your spouse having fun during the act. However, do not overemphasize orgasm; it can put too much pressure on both the giver and receiver and ultimately, sabotage the whole experience. Instead of making it the center point, just relax and focus on pleasure. When you do this, the orgasm emerges as a surprising and delightful byproduct. Your wife finally getting from point A to point O makes the process an enjoyable ride for everyone involved.

On a lighter note, orgasms are always great and this may be the reason everyone is on this planet earth.

So get out there and achieve yours!




“You spiritually get married to anyone you have s3x with” – Counselor Charlotte Oduro



Established-professional marriage and relationship coach, Counselor Charlotte Oduro has opined that one gets spiritually bonded with anyone he or she has s3x with.

According to the well-known relationship expert, s3x goes beyond the pleasure it brings because it also initiates a spiritual relationship between people.

Going further into her theory, she also added that, the fluids which are exchanged during sexual intercourse serves as the sealer for the spiritual marriage.

Counselor Oduro also asserted that, lately, marriages don’t last long because young men and the ladies of this generation sleep with a lot of partners before finally settling down.

During her submissions on Okay FM just this afternoon, she also advised that marriage should not be based on s3x though it is good, genuine love should be what the couples should consider and seek for.

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Arousal fluid should be swallowed during oral sex – Sex coach advices



Ghanaian sex coach, Akosua Davies has recommended that arousal fluid, when taken into the mouth during oral sex, should be swallowed and not poured away.

Arousal fluid is the clear, slimy juice that comes out of a woman’s vagina when she is sexually aroused. This is what people usually describe as ‘pussy juice’ or identify as ‘wetness’. This fluid serves as a natural lubricant to allow for easy penetration during sex.

Akosua said, during an interview on eTV Ghana’s Friday night adult show ‘In Bed with Adwen’ that vaginal juice is very good for men, hence the need to take it in. According to her, the vagina is very safe to lick because it is self-cleansing and even cleaner than the mouth.

Akosua queried, “Why is it that we can suck a man’s dick for him to cum and we swallow the semen but you lick a girl’s vagina till she cums and you can’t swallow?”

“God created the vagina such that it cleanses itself unlike the mouth that you wake up in the morning and you have to use brush and toothpaste to clean. We don’t clean it with a sponge or rake or brush. It is self-cleaning,” she said.

The sex coach however advised women that the fact that the vagina cleans itself does not mean if there is an infection, it should be not be treated with the expectation that it will die by itself.

Source: e.TV Ghana

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8 Signs That Your Girl Is Only Using You



You are a man. You shouldn’t let yourself get used and abused by a girl who doesn’t really care about who you are as a person. You need to stand up for yourself, put your foot down, and say that enough is enough. You need to develop the courage to actually demand what you deserve from this girl. If she isn’t going to be able to give it to you, then you need to be man enough to just walk away and lick your wounds. You shouldn’t have to waste your time being with a girl who doesn’t think twice about you. There are plenty of ladies out there who are more worthy of your love; ladies who would treat you the way that you would want to be treated in a relationship.

Don’t succumb to the belief that emotional abuse can only victimize women in relationships. There are plenty of cases of men who are being constantly abused and manipulated every day, but they are too afraid to just come out and admit it. And a lot of the time, these men don’t even realized that they are just being played by these cold hearted and manipulative women. These abusive girls are so mean and selfish they always act on their own accord regardless of the effects that their actions can have on other people. Don’t allow yourself to be a mere puppet who can’t see the strings. Make sure that you are able to protect your heart from the harmful abuses of women. You don’t want to end up having your idea of love tarnished and beaten down by one rotten lady.

That is why you need to develop a sense of self-awareness when it comes to relationships. You need to be able to see past your own personal emotions and see things from an objective point of view. Look out for the signs that your girl is merely abusing and using you. When you see that her feelings aren’t so genuine, then it’s time for you to take action. So make sure that you stay vigilant and keep an eye out for a few of these red flags. Here are a few signs that your woman is indeed only using you in the relationship for reasons other than love.

1. She always asks you to buy her material items and she never returns the favor.

She is more interested about the things that she can get out of the relationship than the things that she can put into the relationship. She’s only using you for all of the luxury items and fancy toys that you can put on her lap. She isn’t really interested in any of the emotional aspects of the relationship. She just likes that you’re a walking ATM.

2. She goes the extra mile just to make sure that you don’t have access to her messages.

She doesn’t want you to know how she truly feels about you and so she’s going to hide all the evidence. Chances are she’s already flirting with other men or she’s telling her closest friends about how pathetic you are.

3. She uses you as a driver.

You should just probably apply for a job at Uber at this rate and you can make some money out of it. She doesn’t really like hanging out with you much, but she’s going to want you to driver her around for parties and errands.

4. She talks about other men to you.

She always brings up the topic of other boys like her exes, friends, or workmates. The weird thing is that she shouldn’t be bringing up other men during your conversations so often if she were truly devoted to you in a genuine manner.

5. She rarely ever makes herself available to you unless she needs something.

She always has an excuse whenever you want to ask her out on a date. But whenever she’s the one who needs something from you, she always expects you to come running at full speed; ready to cater to her from head to foot.

6. She never initiates the conversation.

You always have to be the one who makes the effort to establish a connection between the two of you. She never texts first. She rarely ever answers your phone calls. She really isn’t interested in talking to you.

7. Your relationship is more physical than it is emotional.

You do a lot more hook ups than you do dates. Remember that she doesn’t always have to be using you for your time or money. She could also be using you forpleasur

8. She doesn’t even introduce you to her friends or family.

The real way to know that her feelings for you aren’t genuine is when she chooses to hide you from the intimate parts of her life. If she were truly invested in you, she wouldn’t want to be isolating you from her wor ld.



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