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NDC turns to coronavirus to stop new register



Members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have started a fresh campaign against the compilation of a new voters’ register, using the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) as a clear ruse.

The new ruse appears to have come in handy for them after exhausting their dices, including demonstrations, open threats and the use of amenable civil society organizations to undertake advocacy campaigns for them.

They have mounted a fresh campaign on social media, exposing their hidden agenda against a new voters’ register and, therefore, ready to jump onto any possible reed in the river.

Leading the charge on social media are their numerous communicators who are sharing a well-crafted propaganda that seeks to scare the public from going to registration centres when the Electoral Commission (EC) finally opens the process for the acquisition of new voters’ identity cards.

Starting with a rhetorical question, they ask readers to judge for themselves whether being in a crowd to register makes sense when there is a possibility of contracting the coronavirus infection, which started in China and currently spreading in some parts of the world.

“You queue in that close proximity for long time; you breathe and when anybody coughs, you panic but breathe (WITHOUT a Nose Mask) the air,” adding, “You sweat and clean your face,” they claimed.

Continuing and this time a direct hit at the BVR device where, according to them, “all previous persons have placed potentially infected fingers.”

“The EC officials who have been exposed to EVERYBODY without protection interact with you while you breathe facing each other…you collect the New VOTERS’ ID Card from the EC staff who is not wearing gloves while handling the card,” they pushed mischievously.

Public reaction

Those who have read the post could not help but wonder why the NDC will want the COVID-19 to hit Ghana simply because, for them, it is a means of scuttling the compilation of a new voters’ register.

The other factors which should inform the scuttling of the planned registration exercise was what, according to the party, was that “you leave the COVID-19 REGISTRATION Centre manned by the EC to your home, office, school, church, mosque, market, etc. to spread the infection…” and then they added, “You start seeing symptoms of COVID-19 after the incubation period.”

Finally, they claim “you go to the health facility where you are confirmed positive; healthcare workers run away instead of quarantining you.”

Clearly assuming that there could be a COVID-19 case in Ghana, the party states that “for now, we don’t know if there are cases of COVID-19 in Ghana, as there is not yet a ‘confirmed case’.”

All that is needed, according to the NDC, is the presence of an infected person in one or more registration centres, to trigger disaster.

They then linked it to the current register, saying, “The current register is credible according to the EC and that they only want to make it more credible (from 99.4% to 100%) which is impossible.”

They pointed at the now suspended lesser Hajj and football matches, among other measures, taken around the world as basis for not compiling a new voters’ register, a presentation which is so pedantic that the real motive for treading on this new trajectory is not far-fetched.

The NDC also claims President Akufo-Addo has no plans to deal with the virus, yet wants to endanger the lives of Ghanaians with a new voters’ register.

Source: Dailyguidenetwork.com


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4 Kids burnt to death as fire guts 4-bedroom house in Amasaman (PHOTOS)



Four children were burnt to death as fire gut a four-bedroom house in Amasaman Fise in the Ga Central District of the Greater Accra Region.

The four kids were sleeping in a room in the four-bedroom house when the incident occurred in the early hours of Wednesday.

The cause of the fire remains unknown.

According to an eye witness, the mother of the kids had locked them up and left for church when the incident occurred.


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NDC kicks against firm to print ballot papers



The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has raised concerns over the printing of ballot papers by state-owned Ghana Publishing Company.

The NDC believes there is a likelihood of conflict of interest as it says the Chief Executive Officer of Company, David Asante of Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA) fame, has a soft spot for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Speaking on Akoma FM‘s morning show GhanAkoma, a Deputy General Secretary for NDC, Peter Boamah Otokunor, told host Aduanaba Kofi Asante Ennin that “we the NDC have issues on the reason Ghana Publishing Company wins the bid to print ballot papers for the Electoral Commission because the CEO for the same firm printing ballot papers for the 2020 elections is a staunch NPP member”.

He, further, stated that “on this premise, there is the tendency that transparency and neutrality might be questionable and could dent the credibility of the election verdict”.

During the panel discussion on the show, a former Municipal Chief Executive for Obuasi, Kwasi Ofori Agyemang, also described the situation as uncomfortable for the NDC.

“I will urge the NDC to deploy hard and vigilant party members to police the printing of the ballot papers to ensure zero double crossing which may whet people’s appetite to rig the elections.”

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NDC youth curse Ken Agyapong Over False Accusations Against Ato Forson – VIDEO



Some angry members of the opposition NDC in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency in the Central Region have invoked curses on the MP for Assin Central, Ken Agyapon for accusing their MP, Ato Forson of being behind the plot to kill the MP for Agona West Constituency Cynthia Morrison.

According to the angry Youth, Hon. Ken Agyapon sat on his NET2 TV station and alleged that Hon. Ato Forson contracted the alleged suspects to assassinate Mrs Morrison who’s also the Minister of Gender, Children and Social protection when in fact Hon. Ato Forson is innocent of the crime.

To demonstrate their displeasure over the false allegation against their MP, the group led by Nana Kweku Dadze, beseeched the dreaded river god of the town to deal ruthlessly with Ken Agyapong.

Powerful deity of our land we beseech you today in the name of our MP Hon. Ato Forson. Some persons including Hon. Ken Agyapong has resorted to every means possible including making false allegations to destroy our MP and cause him to lose his seat. We summon Hon. Ken Agyapong to you (deity) deal with him mercilessly. Whenever he plots with others to come to Ajumako Enyan Essiam to cause mayhem in order for Hon. Ato Forson to be defeated may they never reach this town when they board a vehicle. Whenever he speaks evil of Ato Forson may he suffer paralysis and be numbed. We are not saying this only by way of mouth. We present to you(deity) our fowl and goat as a token for you to act on our plea to you. We ask you(deity) to summon and ask him why he’s doing this to Hon. Ato Forson.”

Hon. Ken Ohene Agyapong speaking on the alleged plot to kill Hon. Cynthia Morrison on ‘The Seat Show on Net 2 TV last Monday claimed the suspects told the police during interrogations that they were contracted by Ato Forson to perpetuate the thwarted crime.

He alleged that Paul Ofori Amoah, the Agona West Parliamentary Candidate of the NDC, only signed the cheques which were found in the hotel room of the suspects but every step of the alleged operation was orchestrated by the MP for Ajumako-Enyan-Esiam.

“…The boys mentioned Cassiel Ato Forson’s name to the police, why is it that the police would not like to speak the truth? Ato Forson gave the boys to the parliamentary candidate Paul Ofori Amoah. Truly speaking, the parliamentary candidate is very calm but Ato Forson did that. He should come out and challenge me.”

Agyapong, who is the MP for Assin Central, had earlier stated that some ‘powerful individuals’ within the opposition NDC had contracted the suspects who were to assassinate the gender minister.

The suspects were arrested by the police at a hotel within the Central Region where they were said to be plotting the thwarted murder.


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