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Parliament Approves US$200m For Ghana Jobs And Skills Project




Parliament has approved a US$200 million financing agreement between the govt of Ghana and also the International Development Association (IDA) to finance the Ghana Jobs and Skills Project (GJSP).

The project, which is being financed with a credit from the IDA would be implemented over a six-year period and is predicted to shut on 30th June 2026.

The terms and conditions of the credit facility include the loan amount of US$200 million, the Repayment period of 25 years, a grace period of 5 years, the maturity period of 30 years, and an interest charge of 1.35 percent once a year.

There is a commitment charge of 0.5 percent once a year, service fee of 1.29 percent once a year, and a concessional rate of 26.22 percent.

Chairman of the committee, Dr. Mark Assibey-Yeboah, presenting the committee’s report, observed that the target of the project was to facilitate the socio-economic development of the country through improved support for skills development and job creation across the country.

He said the project was structured into five components like provision of apprenticeship training for jobs, provision of entrepreneurship and micro and little enterprise support for jobs, youth employment and skills development programs, project management support for enhanced skills and job impact, and contingent emergency and response.

Dr. Assibey-Yeboah also observed that through the apprenticeship and entrepreneurship skills development, including grants to individuals, micro and little enterprises envisaged under the project are expected to make more decent jobs through firm growth and therefore the establishment of latest businesses.

He said an estimated number of 25,000 individuals would receive apprenticeship training under a uniform, quality-assured system under component one.

He said out of this number, about 70 percent are expected to possess jobs six months after the completion of coaching, amounting to a minimum of 17,500 jobs.

He said a minimum number of twenty-five thousand individuals are expected to receive entrepreneurship training under subcomponent two of the program.

Dr Assibey-Yeboah also noted that administrative information from the National Board for little Scale Industries (NBSSI) indicates that for each direct job, two or three indirect jobs are created within the income-generating activities of that apprentice and entrepreneur.

He said in line with the projection, the roles under the component one and subcomponent two were expected to yield 105,000 to 157,500 indirect jobs.

He said in total, expected minimum direct jobs were 94,500 and expected minimum indirect jobs are 105,000 and expected total minimum jobs are 199,500.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Bia East, Richard Acheampong, urged the govt to make sure that US$40 million provisions for Entrepreneurship Training and Competitive Business start-up grants to individuals should be barren of any partisan consideration.

He expressed concern that component four of the project which relates to capacity development and technical assistance was costing the state US$40million, which is 25 percent of the loan facility, saying the capacity building was on the high side.

He however urged the government to scale back the quantity for the capacity building for the trainers by half and channel the funds to coach the apprentices and also provide them the start-up capital.

Mr. Acheampong also called on the government to set up a central system where people can easily check the figures on the country’s labor force, which he said was very hard to determine.

He said the varied ministries still churn-out numbers, which are very difficult to verify since there was no central point to validate these figures.

“There should be a central point in order that at the press of a button, one can easily get this information. Right now, if you would like to understand the unemployment levels within the country you can’t find it,” he added





Education Minister Reveals When Schools Will Reopen




Minister of Education, Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh, has said the reopening of schools in Ghana will be dependent largely on how the coronavirus behaves in the country.

Speaking in an interview with Berla Mundi on the COVID-19 360 on TV3 Thursday, August 13, Dr. Opoku Prempeh said, “we will go back to school if the virus allows us.” He explained that the decision will be based on the available science and data on the Covid-19 situation in the country.

“So depending on the science and data, we will reopen schools. We reopened schools for final years as they maintain social distancing,” he said. He observed when schools reopened for final students to write their examinations, the government suffered flak from people.

However, these same people, he said, are now calling for all schools to reopen. “Had it not been that the government was sound of what it was doing they would have given up. All these people saying we should open schools, those people will not be going to be there if we open and an incident happens,” he said.

Dr. Opoku Prempeh earlier tested positive for the coronavirus but was treated and declared healed. However, he said he is unsure whether he has fully recovered from the Coronavirus infection he contracted or not. He believed recovered enough to resume work.

It was an experience I have said repeatedly that I don’t even wish for my enemy.”

He mentioned that, it was after he experienced the disease that he came to the reality that, indeed, “Coronavirus is here with us”.

For him, Ghanaians must take all the safety protocols seriously as “it is not a situation I would want anybody to get into”.

He recounts that despite feeling a bit of malaise about 10 days before he was hospitalized, he got tested for the virus upon advice from close associates but the result came out negative.

He said after returning from his acclamation as the Manhyia South parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), he decided to voluntarily take some tests at the UGMC, having gone there to visit a relative admitted for Covid-19.

He noted he was there for two weeks, during which same period he heard about the death of the Chief Executive Officer of the Forestry Commission, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie who also contracted the virus.

Dr. Opoku Prempeh confessed that he had the belief that he would survive after that close shave with death.

Source: 3news

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V/R : 121 Communities connected to the National Electricity Grid




As Part of efforts to develop the Nation,121 Communities have been connected to the the National Grid via the Member of Parliament for Ketu-North,Hon James Klutse Avedzi.Day in-day out we see the importance of electricity in our lives,students in these Communities especially can now study and also enjoy the benefits of have electricity in their homes,not leaving out daily activities that needs electricity to operate. Below are the list of Communities.


1 . Agorvega
2 . Agorvenugoe
3 . Akaglakope
4 . Atsikpe
5 . Tsiyinu
6 . Kporkuve
7 . Deme
8 . Atsiaveme
9 . Bedzame
10 . Torkanu
11 . Kpalia
12 . Vume
13 . Wuti
14 . Kopeyiame
15 . Kutsinu
16 . Agordome
17 . Avunu
18 . Gadorkope
19 . Tsitekope
20 . Ohawu
21 . Avie
22 . Gortornugbleve
23 . Afife
24 . Sovie
25 . Afornyaga
26 . Eleme
27 . Logui
28 . Avegodo
29 . Forta
30 . Dzogbleamekope
31 . Wordikope
32 . Adevukope
33 . Ezukope
34 . Tsyorvikope
35 . Kalokope
36 . Gbokekope
37 . Edorkope
38 . Kadzakope
39 . Hiakpakope
40 . Nanekope
41 . Gbasakope
42 . Gbanavorkope
43 . Sakokope
44 . Akekope
45 . Dzasaxorkope
46 Wagbekope
47 . Afornyekukope
48 . Agbematorkope
49 . Ewukopegame
50 . Fatsawukope
51 . Ahlodzakope
52 . Korbakope
53 . Abotsikope
54 . Aforkpakope
55 . Fiagbeatikope
56 . Dzenunyekope
57 . Agboadokope
58 . Dzadekope
59 . Duvikope
60 . Totsikope
61 . Wleki
62 . Avumatdodokope
63 . Humanikope
64 . Dorgbetorkope
65 . Hordakope
66 . Dzotsikope
67 . Doteakpokope
68 . Zingarokope
69 . Godzokope
70 . Atsiakope
71 . Tagbovikope
72 . Akpolokope
73 . Kugbetakope
74 . Xedekope
75 . Mishihukope
76 . Dodokope
77 . Adovorkope
78 . Nagblakope
79 . Agbotomekope
80 . Apetikope
81 . Ganbikope


82 . Tadzi
83 . Ahiagbakope
84 . Horme
85 . Tove
86 . Torkpo
87 . Adevukope
88 . Ative
89 . Avekordomi
90 . Lave
91 . Xantroli
92 . Dokope
93 . Atiyekope
94 . Avevluime
95 . Huive
96 . Adzinukope
97 . Klagekope
98 . Amegavikope/Dzahokope
99 . Agbogakope
100 . Agbledomi
101 . Adidome
102 . Gbornorme
103 . Dzakpasukope
104 . Dalame
105 . Kayame
106 . Hormeglobo


107 . Kuli
108 . Dzogbefime
109 . Kasu
110 . Dagbalekope
111 . Atsukope
112 . Tornu
113 . Zomayi
114 . Netsikope
115 . Azilakope
116 . Torfoe
117 . Wuevi

118. Zukpe
119 Tamekope
120 Akpatoeme
121. Atilusekope

Intensification of electricity in Dzodze Township, Penyi Township, Tadzewu Township and Afife Township

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I Sometimes Wonder If Mahama Has Been A President Before – Dr. Bawumia




The Vice President Dr.Mahamudu Bawumia says he sometimes wonder if John Mahama has been in office before .

Addressing a programme organized by the youth wing of governing New Patriotic Party to commemorate International Youth Day on Wednesday, Dr Bawumia said,

We are in an election year and we are hearing a lot of promises from the former president John Mahama, and you will even after sometime wonder if he has been in office before and may be tempted to think he is a new person. But former President Mahama is not a new quantity but a known quantity  who has been in office for eight years as a Vice President and President. What did Mahama do for the youth during his tenure?”

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