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Most leaders are struck with ‘arrogance of power’ syndrome – Mahama.



The Flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, has stated categorically that most leaders after being elected into office are struck with the ‘Arrogance of power’ syndrome.

According to the former President who led the country from 2013 to 2017, some leaders after being elected into office tend to easily forget where they came from, what mandate was given to them by the electorates.

These actions, Mr Mahama said showed a lack of commitment and patriotism on the part of leaders, arguing that it accounts for the lack of faith in the entire system.

He made these observations at the 31st December Revolution commemoration in Winneba Lorry Park on Tuesday.

“Leaders lack modesty and humility in public office. When one has been appointed into public office, they feel an entitlement, a right and in the end they do not serve at the pleasure of the people of Ghana, ” he further argued.

He further noted that most leaders waste resources when voted into office and this according to him creates a system of loot and share.

“Everybody wants to get a fair share of the cake before the next political party comes in again. It makes leaders believe the only means to get a fair share of the cake is to auction the political party to the highest bidder, ” he said.

31st December revolution

The December 31 coup led by the then Flt Lt J.J. Rawlings overthrew the Limann administration over allegations of corruption.

Although considered one of the bloodiest periods in the country’s history, its advocates say it ushered in a period of economic and political transformation that culminated in the re-establishment of lasting constitutional rule in 1992.

With pressure on the military administration to hand over power to a civilian administration, the revolution also gave birth to the National Democratic Congress which won elections in 1992 and 1996 under the leadership of Rawlings.

Source: theghanareport.com


NDC To Recruit 8,000 Police Personnel In Next Term, 40% To Be Women



Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, Chairman of the National Democratic Congress has disclosed the intentions of the party to recruit 8000 Police personnel should it be elected in the December 7 polls.

According to the Chairman who was speaking at Denu in the Volta Region, where Prof. Nana Opoku Agyeman was touring, it is the goal of former President John Mahama to improve the police to civilian ratio. Also 40% of theat number will be women.

He said;

“President John Dramani Mahama says that I should inform you that he wants to improve the police to civilian ration when he becomes the next president of Ghana, and for that matter for the four years that he is going to rule.

“For every year, 2,000 additional policemen and women will be recruited.

 “Our manifesto says out of the number of police officers who will be recruited, 40% of them will be women,”

President Mahama is going to build a government of national unity. We want Ghanaians to know that the unity of this country is more paramount than any other parochial political interest”.

Mr. Ampofo advised the police not to allow themselves to be manipulated by the government to promote their whims but that they should see the citizens as friends and relatives.


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NPP Promises ‘One Youth, One Rent’ If Reelected for A 2nd Term



The ruling NPP government has promised the youth of Ghana a rental assistance scheme if re-elected into office which I’m calling the ‘One Youth, One Rent’ policy.

According to NPP Communication Team member Nana Akomea, the scheme would pay rent advance for young people to help them deal with the huge problem of finding huge sums of money to pay rent.

With elections just around the corner, the NPP has remembered the rent problem and are promising to solve it if reelected.

According to Akomea, they are setting up an agency – National Rental Assistance Scheme – to provide low-interest loans to young people so they can get the money needed to rent and pay it back bit by bit.

“Government will in effect pay the rent Advance for you, and you pay the rent monthly to the scheme.

“In effect then, the NPP government in its next term will eliminate the big problem of rent advance facing the youth and indeed many other Ghanaians,” Akomea said.

In much of the world, rent is a utility just like electricity and water and people therefore pay their rent on a monthly basis.

In Ghana however, the people have zero governmental protections and you’re forced to pay your rent on a two-year basis.

That means young people have to find gargantuan sums of money to pay for their often two-year rent advance.

This is a big problem for many young people who often don’t have that much income, not to talk of raising that gargantuan sums.

The NPP is therefore counting on it as an issue which can help them galvanise the youth vote.

That’s if anyone would believe their claims – they’ve had four years to do this and they’ve done literally nothing but elections are around the corner and voila – they have all the solutions.

Reelect them and see them forget this easily until the next election comes around.

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“After borrowing $9billion, NPP can only boast of free SHS” – John Dramani Mahama



The former President of Ghana John Dramani Mahama says the only thing the New Patriotic Party (NPP) led by President Nana Akufo Addo Dankwa Addo, can boast of is Free SHS after borrowing $9 billion from the Capital Market

According to John Mahama during an interview on TV XYZ, his administration left office with a rich economy for the NPP to take advantage in developing the country.

However, he said President Akufo-Addo and the NPP government has failed Ghanaians, and on top of that, accumulated huge debt with their gargantuan borrowing.

He added that, at the time he was leaving office he had completed two more oil fields. That virtually tripled revenue from oil but what did they do with the money.

With the kind of resources we left them, I’m surprised and shocked at his very abysmal performance. We managed this economy with one oil field which is the jubilee field. At the time we were leaving office we had completed two more oil fields. That virtually tripled revenue from oil

With that kind of extra revenue, one could just imagine what they could have done in terms of transforming the economy. But they’ve not been able to, I mean you can see everywhere there is nothing to show for it. Their only claim to fame is Free SHS and so the Free SHS is been funded with revenue from oil but aside from that there is nothing to show for it

he said


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