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Black Panther’s Female Character Set Internet On Fire As Goes Half-n@ked With Her Twerk Moves -[WATCH VIDEO]



Oscar award-winning actress, model, humanitarian, Lupita Nyong’o has excited fans and followers on social media with her Wild dancing skills.

The Kenyan born-American based actress is known for her ebony skin, athletic body, magnificent voice and talent in acting.


But there is one more character trait she has that a lot of her fans knew nothing about. Lupita can dance…and not just dance, she can whine her wasp-like waist better than a Jamaican woman.


Just recently, a new dance challenge dubbed Jorochallenge popped up in everyone’s Instagram timeline including the actress’.


And she saw women getting their whine on as they balanced objects on their heads.

So the dark skin beauty thought to herself, “shouldn’t I be part of it too?”

Then, Lupita got to work and put to shame nearly everyone who participated in the challenge.

The beauty recorded herself clad in a pretty crop top and tiny wrap, Lupita started whining her waist as she turned slowly.




Showbiz Gossip

Lady Removes Her Pant To Use As Nose Mask In Viral Video



A young lady without a nose mask has been spotted taking off her pant to use as a nose mask in a viral video that has just surfaced online.

The viral video which has garnered a lot of reactions online captured the exact moment a young lady took off her pant and rolled it around her nose.

Not far from her, another woman could be heard justifying the unusual action of the panties lady.

She said in the video:

“Well, I find it unacceptable... it is a mask and quite frankly I think the bacteria on her is less than on the mask.”

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Showbiz Gossip

Mona Gucci Ruthlessly Deals With McBrown and A Plus Again



Mona Gucci has resurrected her beef with Nana Ama Mcbrown and A Plus once again after earlier apologizing to them during an interview with PEACE FM last Thursday.

After her on-air apology and call for peace, we all thought Mona Gucci’s would have set matters to rest but it’s definitely far from being over!

Whiles hosting her entertainment show aired on Kantanka TV yesternight, Mona Gucci has ruthlessly dealt with Nana Ama Mcbrown and A Plus for disgracing her on live TV to the world.

According to her, the whole incident which happened on the United Showbiz Show last weekend was a plot to seek her downfall.

She noted that Mcbrown is a very good friend of Afia Schwarzenegger and Kwame A Plus so she has no doubt that they conspired to humiliate her.

She further issued a week ultimatum for McBrown and A Plus to apologize to her, or she takes matters into her own hands and drags their name in a rainy season mud this time around because she will go all bonkers.


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Showbiz Gossip

Actress purfcie Conna challenges Queen Patricia ; puts her huge Boobs display



Kumawood actress purfcie Conna has ‘challenged’ queen of ‘milkshake’ Millicent Patricia Amoah, known on Instagram as Queen Patricia .

Queen Paticia for some time now has taken over Instagram all because of her heavy duty chest .

Millicent Patricia Amoah has recently proved that, she has the biggest melons in the country beating Pamela Odame as she dances in style, flaunting her heavy melons and totally baffling some social media users.

Parked in a room with a pony hairstyle and light lipstick to complement her appearance, an over-excited Millicent dressed in gym clothes who could barely cover her goodies is seen performing Okyeame Kwame’s “Yeeko”, featuring the “star. rock “Kuami Eugene.

Her action is heavily influenced by Okyeame Kwame’s infectious “Yeeko Challenge”, instigated by the rapper in pursuit of him to promote his latest album.

Many social media users believe that she is the Heavy-chested Ghanaian lady on Instagram. But that is not the case as actress purfcie Conna has released a photo of herself showing what she has got.

In the photos seen by Kofimodern.com, Purfcie is captured in a gym cloth.From the photo, the well-endowed actress flaunted her eye-popping chest leaving thirsty men panting.

Check out her photos below :

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