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Lady with “double V@g¡na” causes massive stir online; (Video)



A Lady with “double V@g¡na” causes massive stir online in latest viral video.

The mother of one girl who defied all odds after doctors claim she can’t conceive gave birth to a little girl.

The lady identified as Elizabeth Amoa stated that she was diagnosed with uterus didelphys after battling with various diseases.

Uterus Didelphys means one with 2 cervixes, two v@g¡na and two wombs. The person will have severe pains such as stomach pains, back pain, v@ginal thrusts, strange menstrual circle among others.

She was later on also diagnosed with uterine Fibroid due to the Uterus Didelphys

Elizabeth who was born different was told she can’t give birth due to her condition.

But after battling the condition over years, Elizabeth happens to give birth to a baby girl.

Watch Video Below as she shared her story




Showbiz Gossip

Bukom Banku Disclosed How He Impregnated Akuapem Poloo Years Ago(VIDEO)



Bukom Banku has again attacked Ghanaians for keeping his name in their mouths. He says he has more than enough of them already.

Bukom in a new video, of course still bleached to veins says he is the biological father of Akuapem Poloo’s son.

According to him, they started their relationship years ago and God would punish her if she comes out to say he is not the father.

Ranting further, he revealed that he is going to marry Poloo come what may and they would live happily ever after in his puerile mind.


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Diana Asamoah slams Cecelia Marfo



Diana Asamoah has reacted to fellow gospel musician and prophetess, Cecelia Marfo’s actions in recent times.

Cecelia has become notorious for either accusing her fellow Gospel musicians of using juju or that she has a special message from God to them.

In time past, she slapped Brother Sammy on stage and told him to stop using juju in his compositions.

Just recently, Joyce Blessing was performing on stage, and she went to snatch the microphone from her with a message that she should go back to her ex-husband.

Speaking on all these, Diana Asamoah is of the view that Cecelia Marfo is doing all she’s doing just to trend on social media in other to revive her dead music career.

She urged her fellow Gospel musicians to slap Cecelia Marfo next time she tries that on them.

“If you can slap her back one or two times, she’ll stop fooling”, she fumed.

Diana went on to say that should Cecelia try that on her, it’ll not be easy for both of them.

Watch the video below:

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Catholic Church suspends Father after he was seen partying with a lady nak3d at the beach (photo)



The catholic church has suspended a father after his pictures went viral in which he was spotted having fun with a slay queen at the beach.

The father, whose name has been identidied as Father Ndlovu has come under alot of pressure and disgrace after the pictures went viral.

John Ryan who is the bishop of the diocese where Ndlovu was the father, has issued a statement to address what happened.

“It is out of deep sorrow and regret that I write to inform the public that Father Charles Ndhlovu is now suspended from all priestly ministry and all roles related to it. He can no longer be seen participating in any ministerial duty in this great diocese,” says Ryan.

He announced that the suspension includes the section that he can no longer reside in any diocesan house and he has no access to any diocesan facility.

“The suspension of Fa. Charles Ndhlovu in an indefinite one, until such time I write again with additional instructions,” says Ryan.


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