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Licking the private parts of a woman can reveal lotto numbers – Actor Michael Agyare



Hello, fellow men who have been searching for lotto numbers to win all to no avail. Worry no more, because actor Michael Agyare has just revealed one sure way by which you all can get lotto numbers fast and easy.

According to the screen icon popularly known as Grandpa, men get lotto numbers by licking the private parts of a woman.

In an interview with Adwen on eTV Ghana’s adult edutainment show “In Bed with Adwen”, he stated that cunnilingus, which we mostly refer to as p*ssy licking, is very good and has a lot of benefits that people do not know.

One of these benefits is what he mentioned as revelation of lotto numbers.

When you lick p*ssy, you can even get lotto numbers. After putting your tongue there and doing all that work, when you go to bed, you can dream of single four, thirty-three”, he said.

Grandpa also mentioned that “If you observe, you’ll realize that men who have lots of beard are the ones that love licking pussy the most”.

He however went on to advise women to learn how to keep ‘under there’ clean and fresh in other to do away with bad odour and infections which will not give men a pleasant experience when they decide to taste the ‘forbidden fruit’.

The aforementioned advise was borne out of his own experience, he stated that he once tried to go down on a lady who had a stench coming out of her under and it was very horrible.



Showbiz Gossip

Moesha Boduong Finally Reacts To Rotten Buttt Saga



Yesterday 23rd November, 2020 actress Moesha Bodoung became the talk of town after she shared a photo of herself on Instagram.

In the photo the actress had a spot on her hip that looked like a scar from her tattoo but onliners believe otherwise.

A glance through comments under her photo, its obvious many netizens believe she is suffering from her body enhancement.

Well the actress has finally reacted to the alleged rotten backside and she is certainly unperturbed about what people are saying.

In a video the actress shared again on Instagram she happily flaunted that body which onliners claim is decaying and she did it so effortlessly.


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Showbiz Gossip

Finally! Mzbel Drops The Long Awaited Secret Behind Her Beef With Prophet Nigel Gaisie



Barely four months ago, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah popularly known as Mzbel took the whole nation into a pool of suspense. Mzbel took to her social media platform and descended on Prophet Nigel Gaisie.

She gave Prophet Nigel Gaisie one week ultimatum to either pay an agreed compensation or she will go public with the secret. Many were those wondering to know the kind of secret exist between them. Mzbel in responding to the false allegation leveled against her on her sexual relationship with Prophet Nigel Gaisie broke the golden treasure that existed between them.

According to Mzbel, at a point Prophet Nigel had discourse with her. The Prophet told her that, he wants celebrities to grow his church with one aid of the Prophet called Bismark. The discourse was that, Mzbel should come to his church so that the Prophet will prophesy to her for her to confirm the words of the Prophet.

Mzbel recounts that, they had a thorough deliberation on the content of the prophecy. One was about using generational curse that could be traced from Mzbel to her child but she declined for the reason that it will expose her child. Finally, they agreed on using her business prospect to stage the prophecy. Few days later the Prophet changed the content of the prophecy that got her angry so she turned down the offer. Mzbel added that, the Prophet offered to pay her GHS 10000.

These are the questions many are asking:

1. If Mzbel declined the offer, then why claimed the ramification thereof?

2. Mzbel publicly proclaimed her disbelief in Jesus Christ and Church, why know dealing with her foes?

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Showbiz Gossip

Lady Shares Her Pain Whiles Getting Her ‘Clit’ Pierced | Video



Lady who was in the process of getting her clit pierced by an expert cried like never before.

This is an act most of the ladies considered as ‘Slay Queens’ indulge just to look pleasant in their own world among their peers.

If you’re a body jewellery fan, you might have wondered about piercing one of your most enjoyable parts.

You can get your real clit pierced but it is easier and more popular to get the clitoral hood pierced. Usually this is what people refer to when they mention piercing a clit.

Genital jewellery can yield some arousing results, and slay queens love it most.

The video has been fast trending on social media platforms since it got online.

In the video, there was no difference between the reaction of the beautiful lady and a woman in labour.

Watch video below:

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