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List of Others Nkonkonsa Cheated on Lebene With Aside Abena Korkor Drops



This is the year of the blogger.

Nkonkonsa started the trend of bloggers cheating on their women when Abena Korkor exposed him.

Not long after, ZionFelix also decided to take over the mantle, impressively impregnating two women and marrying one of them secretly.

But Nkonkonsa was not happy with all the attention ZionFelix was grabbing over him.

He has now managed to bring himself back into the limelight with another scandal.

On Thursday, we reported on a new beef brewing between filmmaker Kobi Rana and Eugene Osafo-Nkansah, as Nkonkonsa is known in real life.

Kobi Rana had posted a critique of politicians who failed to fix the country but were praying against LGBT folks.

He blasted them for their incompetence.

Nkonkonsa reposted Rana’s critique with an LGBT focused caption.

That angered Rana who hit back at Nkonkonsa.

According to him Nkonkonsa intentionally did that to get Ghanaians to bash him.

He couldn’t fathom why his ‘fix the country’ post was twisted into an LGBT post by Nkonkonsa.

He went wild and said he knows the secrets of Nkonkonsa and he will be dropping them – alleging Nkonkonsa has not only been l*ck*ng honeypots but sh*tholes as well!

Kobi Rana followed that up with another post.

His first attack against Nkonkonsa was a comment but Eugene deleted it since it was under his post.

Rana then took to his wall and threatened to drop list of people Eugene has slept wth aside Korkor.

“Married man licking tr*mu all over the place and painting others black. We know the list aside Korkor and you know it. Open your mouth and see,” he warned.


Showbiz Gossip

(Watch)Surgery Gone Wrong As Shatta Michy’s Standing Chest Falls Flat – Social Media Users Troll Her



Michy, Shatta Wale’s baby mama is in the trap of trolls over her fallen heroes – after the alleged surgery, Shatta Michy’s chest has fallen flat again.

A new photo of her that she posted to promote a certain product for her fans has rather gotten her into trouble as her followers troll her.

Shatta Michy is seen in a beach costume, a bra and pants.

Fans have issued RIP to her fallen heroes after sighting one of her breasts has fallen flat.

Years ago, Shatta Michy was subjected to ridicule after a photo of her surfaced on social media. Michy looked flat on the chest but she ignorantly exposed them on the red carpet to draw attention to them.

It actually didn’t end graciously well for her as internet users mocked her and dumped her spirit out of her body.

After that incident, Shatta Michy is alleged to have secured funds from NAM 1 to go and fixed her breast. She was later on seen with a firm chest and she’s been flaunting that for some time now.

However, the situation has changed. Her chest is down again!

It seems the surgery didn’t work as it should, perhaps she’s not handling it the way she’s supposed to.

Those surgeries are not cheap and it comes with it own terms and conditions to follow. The moment you slack, anything can happen.

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Showbiz Gossip

Black Sherif Reacts To Netizens Trolling Him For Grinding AZz At Yaw Tog’s Video Shoot



Second Sermon hit maker Black Sherif, has reacted to the trolls of him standing behind big azz at Yaw Tog’s video shoot.

The rapper went to his Twitter page to react By saying ‘I Taya Everybody’ as the teasing just kept coming in.

Post below;

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Showbiz Gossip

Mona Gucci drops information of Joyce Boakye allowing Wakaso to chop her for free



Self-acclaimed lawyer, Mona Gucci has fired actress Joyce Boakye in a new post.

On Wednesday evening, Mona addressed Joyce Boakye and describes her as a beggar friend and wannabe celebrity.

In a video she posted of a lady named Cindy Cash standing by her side, the woman characterized Joyce Boakye as toothless and stated she did not have someone in her family of MonaGucci’s caliber.

Mona’s four children, she said, are a godsend because she, Cindy Cash, has undergone several abortions.

Joyce Boakye alleges footballer Mubarak Wakaso bangs her and that she needs to beg him before he does so, according to Mona’s caption.

She said that she had to beg for his attention all the time since she was his female toy. She went on to say how she is poor and unable to pay her rent since her 74-year-old sugar daddy, whom she married, abandoned her after she cheated on him with a younger guy.

She went on to add that the Wakaso accusations were ridiculous because they knew who was actually sleeping with her while pretending to date her.

Joyce should avoid Tracey Boakye because she is an opportunist, she cautioned. She finished on a negative note, mocking Joyce’s mental condition and referring to her as miserable and insane.


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