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“Save The Date” Patapaa and his German Girlfriend fix wedding Date



Ghanaian Musician Patapaa and his German Girlfriend Liha have finally made it clear to Ghanaians that they are not going their Separate ways as it was earlier circulated as they are urging Ghanaians to save the date for a Big surprise.

It was earlier rumoured that Liha has dumped Patapaa for a Rich Nigerian understand artist but she came out to shut out all those rumors

On her Instagram Page, Liha has shared a Photo of her with Patapaa looking so cute and in the caption she hinted that in about 7 days she will be Mrs Patapaa.

She wrote: 29th Of November

Save The Date


Showbiz Gossip

Bishop Obinim tells Christians what to do since Jesus is delaying is his second coming



Founder and leader of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has given a new directive to Christians as they await the second coming of Jesus Christ.

In a viral video, the controversial man of God said from the look of things, it appears Jesus won’t come anytime soon.

So what he’ll advise is that Christians should make money, chill and enjoy life.

He was however quick to add that chilling doesn’t mean womanizing and other forms of sinful pleasures.

But things such as building houses, buying and driving in the latest cars and others.

Angel Obinim went on to say that if as a Christian you refuse to make money and enjoy because of the mentality that you’re waiting for Christ, you’ll end up dying poor with sufferings.

So it’s better to just chill so that even if you didn’t meet Christ in flesh, at least you have enjoyed life.

Watch the video below:


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Joselyn Dumas floods the internet with beautiful and hot photo



Popular Ghanaian actress and TV show host Joselyn Dumas has stunned the internet with a beautiful and classy photo.

The actress has wowed fans with her sense of fashion as she rocks in a nice brown dress.

she actually looks classy and beautiful and has received lots of positive vibes from fans and colleagues.

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Showbiz Gossip

Cecilia Marfo was beaten by her husband for aborting her baby – Brother Sammy reveals (VIDEO)



Ghanaian gospel musician Brother Sammy wades into Cecilia Marfo’s embarrassing encounter with Joyce Blessing last night.

Last night, Joyce Blessing witnessed an embarrassing moment she would never forget during her performance at a Thanksgiving Service in Kumasi.

Joyce Blessing was suddenly interrupted by fellow gospel musician Cecelia Marfo during her performance. She snatched her microphone and started prophesying that God said Joyce Blessing should go back to her marriage.

The embarrassing moment which was captured on camera has social media talking, and brother Sammy, who has also had similar embarrassing encounter Cecelia Marfo, has something to say.

In a Facebook live video, Brother Sammy claimed once went mad and delivered. He also claimed that Cecelia Marfo is possessed by ‘maame water’ (mermaid) and that she is doing this to disgrace the gospel fraternity.

“Cecelia Marfo has ‘maame water’ spirit and mistaken it for the holy spirit,” he said in a video he shared on his Facebook page today. “She uses spirits from the sea to work so she can be possessed at any time. She sings for the devil. She wants to disgrace the gospel fraternity.”

He continued: “What she did to Joyce Blessing isn’t from God; that not how God delivers. She also spoke fake tongues. She has never called Joyce Blessing since her divorce.”

Brother Sammy dropped a bombshell about the controversial songstress.

“Cecelia Marfo now lives at Adum. She established a church because her career and spiritual powers had ended. Because of greed, she has forcefully taken a man called Mr Bright’s land and his money.”

She has slept with her driver and two pastors have slept with her. Her church collapsed because she would spit in church members’ mouths and whip them with canes.”

“Cecelia Marfo was once beaten by her husband for committing abortion. I didn’t want to reveal this but if she wants to disgrace the gospel musicians, we will disgrace her too. The doctor who aborted her baby is my friend, and I have the proof. I know the lady who escorted you to commit the abortion,” he threatened.

Watch Brother Sammy below.

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