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Tracey Boakye’s Own Mother Allegedly Caught her Bonking her Stepdad – Social Media User Exposes Her



A social media user has exposed actress Tracey Boakye for allegedly stealing her own mother’s husband!

The social media user claims that Tracey slept with her step father in an attempt to snatch him from her mother.

Tracey has once again put herself in the public cross eye after she stoked a new beef with Kennedy Agyapong.

Agyapong said Mahama wastes taxpayer monies on slay queens like her and that angered Tracey.

She spent the entirety of Tuesday attacking Ken, landing unprintable insults on him.

That has opened her up to more attacks from social media users as well.

One person claims, in a comment we spotted online, that Tracey slept with her own stepfather.

The comment was on a post in which Tracey Boakye was being mocked by Joyce Dzidzor Mensah.

Check the allegation against Tracey below…




Showbiz Gossip

Lady Fights Movie Producer Who Took Her Money, Chopped Her And Refused To Give Her A Movie Role – [watch video]



Angry lady storms a movie set as she attacks a movie producer who failed to give her a role he promised her after she paid money to him and also made out with him.

A video is fast making waves across social media platforms that shows a lady fighting a man who happens to be movie producer while he was shooting a movie with his casts.

In the video, while they were on set, the unidentified lady bumped in unexpectedly with anger and was heard asking the producer to use her to shoot that particular scene.

According to the young lady, the movie producer promised to give her a movie role if she agrees to have share the same bed with him.

Not only, the desperate actress was also heard saying that the said producer had made her to pay some amounts of money to him for a movie role.

In the trending video, the lady was heard saying the movie producer should pay her for chopping her three times since he didn’t give her the role he promised.

Watch the video below:

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Showbiz Gossip

Wendy Shay Shows Full Breast In Latest Photo – Social Media Reacts



Wendy has shared a sexy photo of herself with cleavage popping out her dress to deliberately move attention and pave the way for her to release her visuals for H.I.T song.

Reactions from social media have all been negative. Some are advising the singer to be very vigilant and concentrate on her music career rather than going nude all the time.

Check out the photo and some of the comments below:

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Showbiz Gossip

2 Sl@y Queen $tr!p£d N@k.£d For St£aling An Expensive Rolex Watch(+Video)



Some ladies always want to reap where they haven’t sowed and they always end up in big trouble. Especially the lazy sl@y queen who tries to steal from their client after their time.

In a video sighted by Modernnewsgh.com, 2 unlucky sl@y queens were burst after they stole an expensive Rolex watch from the client.

In the video, they were $tr!p3d n@k3d and been question why they stole the watch after being paid for their service.

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