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VIDEO: Slay queen causes stir as she parade her raw toto like tomatoes during party



Partying has moved from night clubs to houses. House parties are in plenty despite the Government pleading with citizens to practise social distancing to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

In most cases, the house parties turn into bacchanalias after a cunning and starved men marinate slay queens with alcohol.

Brainless slay queens engage in reckless behaviours while drunk during house parties and end up cursing men forever after falling pregnant and contracting deadly STDs.

In this video that has emerged online, a slay queen was spotted getting loose in a house party after being marinated with alcohol.

The slay queen can be seen pulling down her dress as she tw3rks but also shows off her t0t0 freely.

In these Covid-19 days, some people are just looking for fun even though it seems like everyone in this tavern was breaking protocol .

Watch the video below :



Showbiz Gossip

“I seriously need a boyfriend”- Mzvee Says



Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda popularly known by her stage name mzvee, has revealed in an interview with peace FM that she is in need of a boyfriend.

Mzvee in the interview revealed she was single and that her doors were opened for men to bring their proposals.

The natural Girl hitmaker took a break from music for 2 years due to depression.

Watch the interview below.

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‘I Used To F$%k Some Girl In Legon While Her Roommates Watched Me’ – DKB Confesses



Ghanaian comedian DKB has confessed one of his numerous sins while reacting to a viral video of Felicia Addy.

Felicia Addy went viral yesterday on Twitter after she was caught in a live video announcing to the world her full name and room number.

Reacting to the viral video, DBK has been forced to confessed what he did in one of those rooms on the University of Ghana campus.

DBK revealed that he used to f$%k a girl on Legon campus in room 305 while her roommates stayed in the room and watched, unconcerned.

He tweeted.

“I use to fuck some pussy in 305, guy, her room mates will be there and still we be banging!

God forgive me, Man do things 🙏 😩

Check out DKB’s tweet below or visit


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Cecelia Marfo slept with her driver and two pastors – Brother Sammy Reveals Top Secret(VIDEO)



Ghanaian gospel musician Brother Sammy claims Cecilia Marfo – a prophetess and gospel singer – slept with her driver in her car, sexually assaulted two pastors and slept with them and was beaten by her husband for committing abortion.

Brother Sammy’s comment comes following Cecelia Marfo’s embarrassing encounter with Joyce Blessing last night.

Last night, Joyce Blessing witnessed an embarrassing moment she would never forget during her performance at a Thanksgiving Service in Kumasi.

Joyce Blessing was suddenly interrupted by Cecelia Marfo during her performance. She snatched her microphone and started prophesying that God said Joyce Blessing should go back to her marriage.

The embarrassing moment which was captured on camera has social media talking, and brother Sammy, who has also had similar embarrassing encounter Cecelia Marfo, has something to say.

In a Facebook live video, Brother Sammy claimed once went mad and delivered. He also claimed that Cecelia Marfo is possessed by ‘maame water’ (mermaid) and that she is doing this to disgrace the gospel fraternity.

“Cecelia Marfo has ‘maame water’ spirit and mistaken it for the holy spirit,” he said in a video he shared on his Facebook page today. “She uses spirits from the sea to work so she can be possessed at any time. She sings for the devil. She wants to disgrace the gospel fraternity.”

He continued: “What she did to Joyce Blessing isn’t from God; that not how God delivers. She also spoke fake tongues. She has never called Joyce Blessing since her divorce.”

Brother Sammy dropped a bombshell about the controversial songstress.

“Cecelia Marfo now lives at Adum. She established a church because her career and spiritual powers had ended. Because of greed, she has forcefully taken a man called Mr Bright’s land and his money.”

“She has slept with her driver and two pastors have slept with her. Her church collapsed because she would spit in church members’ mouths and whip them with canes.”

“Cecelia Marfo was once beaten by her husband for committing abortion. I didn’t want to reveal this but if she wants to disgrace the gospel musicians, we will disgrace her too. The doctor who aborted her baby is my friend, and I have the proof. I know the lady who escorted you to commit the abortion,” he threatened.

Watch Brother Sammy below.


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