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See What A Male Student Was Caught Doing At His Teacher’s Backside (Video)



A male student was seen dancing erotically and seductively at the backside of his school teacher.

The female teacher seems to enjoy the cruise the young boy was Performing with her.

At the end of the Video the male student hump on her back while she was seen laughing and smiling.

Who is to be blamed for this ill manner act??

Watch the video below:

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Boys no go shun fooling ooh 😆😆😆

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Social media trends

This Is Why These Two Primary Pupil Are Trending On Social Media(Video)



What is the world turning into? Are there any kids in this world again? I guess I have to leave this question for the gods. This generation is too f**k3d up to the extent that kids practice what adu1ts can’t even do.

In a viral video sighted by Modernnewsgh.com, two little kids who are probably 6 and 7 years were seen k!$$ passionately like two newly wedded couples.

We can’t tell whether an adult was video them. If the person behind the camera is an adult then the person needs to be dealt with.


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Social media trends

Wild Video Drops As JHS Students Act ‘Mama Ne Dada’



The current generation is morally corrupt! And I feel I can beat my chest whilst saying that.

A devastating video has gone viral on social media and courted the attention of users as they react to it.

In the video, some JHS students are sighted giving their boyfriends lap dance.

Though the video is not detailed, one can imagine it all…as it’s definitely ending up in the bedroom.

Apparently, social media users are calling on the authorities to be quick to bring the kids under control.

Watch the video below;


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Social media trends

Some ladies in Accra now have to date up to 5 guys just to survive in this hard economy, reports



A lady just gisted me that some ladies in Accra now have to date up to five guys just to survive in this hard economy.

They can tax them like 300 Ghana cedies each per month so they get like a steady income of Ghs.1,500 at the end of the month.

And they will still top it up with “I need urgent Gh.30”. Some months they can rake in like Ghs.450 and above from one man.

If you dull in this country, Koforidua train will leave you.

Apparently, this is now a sort of common thing in Accra now.

They’re the jobless ones and I consider that act as stealing and any one caught in the act should be prosecuted.


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