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Ghana 1-99 India: The famous ‘match’ hidden video is discovered [watch video]



There is a local football tale almost as old as the Ghanaian game itself.

Now, whoever spun this story must have had quite a fertile imagination, for virtually every boy who grew up in Ghana in a certain era (this writer included, and probably yourself as well, if you are not too embarrassed to admit it) gobbled it up with wide-eyed boyish curiosity – every surreal bit of it.

It is the tale narrating the fictional football match between Ghana and India. The one that ended 100-1 to the latter yet saw the former run out as ‘winners’. Depending on which account one is more familiar with, there are quite a few variations. The core of the story, though, remains fairly consistent.

So, then, here goes this intriguing fable as most of us heard as toddlers.

Ghana played India at an unknown venue and on a similarly obscure date – I am as oblivious to those details as you most likely are – and, somehow, the latter ended up scoring a hundred goals in 90 minutes; again, please don’t ask me how, for I know the answer no more than you do.

Or, well… perhaps I could attempt explaining the ‘how’ part as best as my infantile mind could comprehend at the time.

According to the intricacies of the legend, the Indians were aided by certain mythical forces that were apparently potent enough to transform the ball into all sorts of formidable beings/objects – from ferocious beasts (including a three-headed lion), through blazing fire, to spiky chunks of palm fruit – so fearful that the Ghanaian goalkeeper could only watch helplessly as these whizzed past him only to nestle in the twine in the form of footballs – all one hundred of them.

There was some respite for Ghana, though, when the team was granted a penalty right at the end of the game. A certain Shamo Quaye (other versions mention the deceased silky Ghanaian winger Baba Yara instead, the bullet-footed Wilberforce Mfum or alternatively, the mystery fellow whose image graces the ‘Milo’ beverage container) stepped up in spite of threats from the opposition of regrettable repercussions if he dared strike the ball.

A ball that had apparently turned into an XXL-sized aluminum cooking pot at this point.

Patriotic Quaye, unfazed and eager to salvage something for his country anyway, struck with full venom. He scored, but ‘died’ not too long after, just as the Indians had said.


Well, not really. The queer rules governing that game dictated, considering the ‘might’ of the Indian team, that Ghana needed to score just once to be declared victors, and this Quaye ensured at the expense of his young life. And so it happened that Ghana, ultimately 99 goals worse off, ‘won’ that game. With that, the highly unusual encounter came to a conclusion.

The Ghanaians apparently mourned their departed comrade all the way to the cemetery, while the Indians left the pitch the very way they entered it: through a bottle placed in the centre-circle/the referee’s shirt pocket.

Ghana might have ended up with its pride wounded, but India also received a long-term ban for their unorthodox methods.

From what I have heard, there is a Nigerian version of the story that sees the Green Eagles feature as the Black Stars – against the same opponents, of course – and with Segun Odegbami as Shamo Quaye/Mfum/the Milo guy but obviously minus the ‘death’ incident since Odegbami is very much alive.

My reasons for believing the story might not exactly be yours but at least it is worth sharing.

For a lad that grew up watching Hindi movies most weekends on television and who saw these extraordinary Indian blokes pull off one unbelievable trick/feat after the other, it was only reasonable that I never had cause to doubt the ‘facts’ of this classic urban myth then. It didn’t help either that India hadn’t been too prominent on the international football stage in a long while, or that Shamo Quaye – a real-life Ghanaian footballer, in fact – had died albeit through wholly unrelated causes just around the time I first heard the story.


First, as I delved more into football while growing up, I discovered little – nay, nothing at all – to corroborate what I had heard. For a fact, Ghana have ever played India only twice (in 1982 and 1997) in friendly cup competitions and those games collectively yielded no more than five goals; Shamo Quaye – as already indicated – passed away under entirely different circumstances; and the highest-scoring official game in world football history never produced that many goals.

These days, of course, this most fanciful, enduring legend has lost much of its currency. Still, quite a few more gullible pre-teen boys are set to excite themselves with it before it completely fades out.

As they mature some more, though, they would realise the ring of truth – or of falsehood, as it were – and grin in the same silently bemused shame with which I am writing this, and with which you probably are reading, too.

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13 goals before 19 years old! Ansu Fati betters Messi’s stats



Ansu Fati has not stopped breaking records since his emergence, both with Barcelona and with the Spanish national team, with numbers that better those of Leo Messi when he entered the professional scene.

Against Valencia he achieved another feat, becoming the Barcelona player with the most goals before the age of 19, with 13 strikes.

He is followed by Bojan Krkic, with 12, and Leo Messi, with seven. The young attacker managed seven goals in his debut season and four in the last campaign, of which he missed the majority due to injury.

His numbers are right up there with those of Messi as, at 18 years and 351 days old, Ansu has 15 goals for Barcelona while the Argentine, at the same age, had eight goals.

Ronald Koeman took Ansu off on 59 minutes due to his recent return to injury, but also because the Clasico is coming up this weekend and the teenager is already a pivotal player.

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Jurgen Klopp: Salah better than Ronaldo and Lionel Messi



Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says, on current form, Mohamed Salah is the best player in the world after the Egyptian shone in the 5-0 win over Watford.

After scoring one of the most memorable goals of recent years in the draw with Manchester City two weeks ago, Salah was at it again at Vicarage Road, scoring a breathtaking effort and setting up two other goals in the 5-0 win over Watford.

It was Salah’s 10th goal of the season – he has scored in Liverpool’s last eight games.

Klopp was in no mood for dampening down the praise afforded to Salah, calling him the best player in the world.

He told BT Sport: “His performance was massive today. The pass for the first goal was great and the second goal was special. He is top. We all see it. Who is better than him? We don’t have to talk about what Messi and Ronaldo have done for world football and their dominance. But right now, he is the best.”

When asked for his assessment of the overall performance, Klopp added: “It was good! I cannot say differently. After international break, it is hard to find the rhythm after playing different systems, but the boys were so good despite only having one session before today. I think Watford had ideas, but we didn’t let them play. The goals were really brilliant, there was great attitude, energy and character.”

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Leicester 4-2 Man Utd: Foxes stifle Red Devils’ desperate hope for an EPL win



Manchester United’s 29-game unbeaten away run ended in dramatic fashion as Leicester triumphed 4-2 in a six-goal thriller at the King Power Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Mason Greenwood slammed the visitors into the lead after a clever one-two with Bruno Fernandes, before Foxes midfielder Youri Tielemans found the top corner from the edge of the box to level just after the half-hour.

The game exploded late on, when Caglar Soyuncu, Marcus Rashford and Jamie Vardy netted in the space of six minutes to swing the game decisively in Leicester’s favour.

The result leaves United behind fourth-placed Brighton and outside the Champions League spots, with Brendan Rodgers’ side moving up to 11th.

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