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BREAKING: Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp All Go Down In Major Outage



The three apps – which are all owned by Facebook, and run on shared infrastructure – all completely stopped working shortly before 5pm. Other products that are part of the same family of apps, such as Facebook Workplace, also stopped working.

Visitors to the Facebook website simply saw an error page or a message that their browser could not connect. The WhatsApp and Instagram apps continued to work, but did not show new content, including any messages sent or received during the problems.

Facebook’s outages happen relatively rarely but tend to be vast in their impact, not least because they affect three of the world’s biggest apps.

The company is often cryptic about the causes of any issues, and does not tend to explain them even after they are fixed. In 2019, for instance, it suffered its biggest outage in years – and said only that it had “triggered an issue” during “routine maintenance operations”.

In a leaked transcript published in The Verge in 2019, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg note that such outages are a “big deal”. Any problems can often lead people to start using competitors instead, and noted that it can take “months” to win back trust and get people back on Facebook’s platforms – if they come back at all.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Going Braless As A Woman



Several studies have observed over the years that wearing bra does not support the heart of your breast in any major way.

A survey of ten university students revealed that seven out of ten prefer going braless on a regular day than put on bra because it is more comfortable.

The other three confirmed that although they do not like the idea of walking in town without having anything to support their boobs, they feel comfortable when they get home and take off their bra after a long day’s work.

While there are some ladies who simply can’t go bra-free, whether it’s due to comfort or size, those who can attest to the fact that it is supremely amazing — whether you do it in public or just in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some of the benefits of going braless, according to findings online and testimonies from women who find delight in the act.

1. Improves circulation and blood flow

Blood flow through your skin and tissues improves around the chest area with ease without any wires, mesh or heavy fabric stabbing your skin. Research has shown that the tighter your bra, the less likely that surface-level circulation might occur which leaves your skin experiencing trauma and pressure.

Taking the bra off particularly helps keep your skin firm.

2. Might reduce pain

If your wife, girlfriend or sister will confess, wearing bra for a long time is not only stressful but painful as well (depending on the kind of bra you wear).

Wearing it for long hours can induce pressure on the rib cage, back muscles or even the neck which may lead to severe pains in those areas.

One benefit of going bra-free is you experience lesser pain around the chest, pectoral muscles and the back.

3. Helps you relax

“You cannot leave out the comfort you feel without your bra on, that feeling is priceless” a university student called Priscilla told our reporters, adding that “it is liberating”.

Scientists have disclosed that without having a heavily padded fabric supporting your boobs, the breasts learn to adapt naturally and are freer to get a natural lift and growth.

One reason why most women choose to go braless is because it facilitates better relaxation.

4. Improved muscle tone and breast shape

One of the myths that was busted in our research is that many women are deterred from letting go of their bras because they’re afraid their breasts will begin to sag without the extra support.

Your breasts will not sag, I repeat, they will not sag.

Co-founder of The Harley Street Skin Clinic, Lisa Reynolds, revealed that, “Not wearing a bra greatly enhances women’s breasts. Long-term results of not wearing a bra have demonstrated that more muscle tissue evolves to provide natural protection. This is because the body needs to use the pectoral muscles against friction to firm up the breast tissue.”

5. Your natural chest shape emerges

I understand if most women want a ‘bra-shaped’ appearance for their boobs, especially in this social media era when trolls are unforgivingly savage.

Having said that, nothing beats seeing the ‘natural’ shape of breasts in a dress, without bra.

So there you have it, try once in a while to take off those pads and liberate those boobs especially this breast cancer awareness month.

If you are looking for more points to convince you, it is cost effective and cuts your expenses on bras off and it is also fashionable. Try a crop top without bra and you’ll thank me later.

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Women Are The Most Intelligent Species That’s Why They Can Easily Make And Unmake A Man – Uncle Ebo Whyte



Once again, Uncle Ebo Whyte has shared an eye-opener regarding courtship and marriage. According to the astute relationship counsellor, women are more intelligent than men (in the same age bracket). Hence there should be a certain degree of allowance regarding the actions of these men.

Uncle Ebo Whyte made this submission on the TV3 NewDay show, where he explained the intricacies of the male-female relationship.

He said, “I say this, and a lot of people take issue with it. Women are more intelligent than men. And so, quite often, women come with a strategy. And often, the man does not know what hit him.

If a woman schemes, every other woman can see through the scheme immediately. And sometimes the frustration of women who are close to a man is like, Can’t you see it? Because for you (women) with your intelligence and everything, it is so obvious. But he is blissfully going along, and he is not aware of what is being set up.”

Uncle Ebo Whyte explained that the obliviousness of men may hurt their relationships if that ‘fault’ is not taken into account. He urged women to look out for characteristics that show if a man is willing to unlearn and learn.

Please, men grow. At the time you marry us (men), we are often not at your level, especially if the age difference is just about two or one years. In the ways of life, you (women) are way out there, and we (men) are nowhere. Mentally and emotionally, we (men) are not there.

And therefore, if you see that he has focus, he cherishes you, has a bit of sense, and he is the kind of person who is teachable, go with him.”

He also gave a scenario on how a teachable and sensible man behaves when his ignorance has been called out. If cautioned that anyone who reacts angrily and violently to correction is a ticking time bomb.

“He may not be at your level, but he is also quick to pick reason when you reason with him. Somebody may not know what he is doing is wrong, but if you say, my brother, what you did is disrespectful. And he goes like, really, I didn’t know that. I thought I was just having fun. Then he has sense.”

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Fitness coach,Edwina Mensah motivates ladies on how to get perfect body shape



Popular Ghanaian fitness coach, Edwina Mensah has explained how she has maintained a perfect body shape for the past few years and how everyone can also do it.


Edwina Mensah is an Instagram fitness trainer and motivator who uses her platform to encourage young ladies through photos and videos of her daily gym routine. In a well build and perfected shape, Edwina Mensah has encouraged many young ladies to not give up on fighting for the shape they desire. Carrying a pot belly or a flat tommy is one’s own choice as these days there are numerous ways to shape yourself down.


When you visit Edwina Mensah’s Instagram page, one can see how her photos are attracting massive reactions. This can be anyone also if one can stay consistent in their daily exercises. Exercising to reduce weight or keep fit must be a consistent exercise to achieve the desired results. It is very common to see someone very poised to slim down or improve her shape but will attend the gym once and that will be all. You can attain any results from gym without staying consistent.


One must also control her diet very well. Dieting and fitness go hand in hand. Controlling your diet by taking in foods that contains vitamins, essential minerals etc will help one attain the desired shape in few months.


Check some photos to motivate you to start today. You can also do it.


Eye witness to any social issue,occurrence or any form of information you would like to share,kindly send us a report via email : or via Phone +233246319949
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